COVID-19 Safety Plan

The safety and well-being of FVC athletes, families, coaches and volunteers is our top priority in these uncertain times.

For any local programming we will adhere to the guidelines provided by our ruling body (Volleyball BC) and the appropriate government agencies.  For any competitions in Alberta (if allowed) we will adhere to the guidelines provided by Volleyball Alberta and appropriate government agencies.

Volleyball BC and viaSport Return to Play guidelines

As of December 3rd, 2020 we have moved back to the ‘Transition Measures’ stage of Return to Play. The protocols and Safety plan will update as the COVID-19 situation changes

Return To Play protocols

  • Note: Each program and/or facility may have additional guidelines/restrictions in addition to these.
  • All participants must complete the appropriate waiver and health declaration form, signed by their guardian if under 18, prior to participation in any program
    • Waivers and Health declaration forms will be provided for each program prior to the program start.
  • All participants, athletes and coaches, must do a health assessment prior to each session they attend.
  • All participants will be required to answer daily health check questions from session moderator/coach prior to being granted attendance.
  • Any participant, athlete or coach, who feels ill or has COVID-19 (or flu-like symptoms) MUST stay home and inform the individuals running the program immediately.
  • If an attendee becomes ill during the session the following will occur:
    • The player will be asked to leave the playing environment, put on a mask and be located away from others.
    • The parent/guardian of the player will be contacted immediately and asked to pickup the isolated player.
    • The parents of the group participating in the session will be made aware of the situation and as appropriate the health authority will be notified.
  • If an individual is in contact with, or has been in contact with anyone with a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 they must inform the program administrator immediately and also self-isolate until they are confirmed to be negative.
  • While On or Off Court, Social Distancing must be maintained at all times. That is a 3M (9 feet) spacing between individuals.
    • Only 1 individual in a washroom at a time.
    • Store Bag/Water bottles etc… isolated from others
    • FVC Guideline – Masks are mandatory at all times
  • Participants must show up already changed (volleyball attire may be worn under sweat pants/tops).  NO FULL CHANGING AT VENUES PERMITTED.
  • Participants MUST show up with their own water bottle(s) already filled. Water bottles should be labeled with the last name of the participant.
    • There is to be NO sharing of personal equipment. Water bottles, towels, knee pads, masks, clothing etc…
    • Bring enough water to last. There is no guarantee of water stations available at facilities
  • Non-participant spectators are not allowed from attending any sessions.
  • Drop off/pick up should occur in the parking lot/outside, while maintaining social distancing protocols
  • Traffic flow to/from training venue must allow for social distancing and is highly recommended that car pooling is within cohorts only!
  • There will be NO drop-ins from unregistered attendees.  Pre-registered individuals only.

Modifications to Sport

Organized play can only operate under the following rules:

  1. All participants, coaches, referees and parents/spectators/guardians must maintain physical distancing
    • Three meters apart from one another at all times, including on court*
    • Non-contact activities only
    • No handshaking, high fives, hugging, etc.
  2. Look to reduce contact with balls, nets, and other shared equipment.
  3. Limit activity to skill development or low risk activities
    • Activities should only be those typically done in practice and/or training environments, which permit physical distancing at all times (eg. Individual serving, passing, setting, attacking practice)
    • No games/ competitions. Competitive volleyball does not permit physical distancing at three meters and should not be played at this time.
    • No more than 12 individuals on a court (6 per side) while maintaining physical distance at all times. Volleyball clubs and associations are reminded that under Transition Measures (Phase 2), physical distancing is required at all times on and off court, and while 12 is the maximum under these guidelines, each group must determine whether that is possible given the size of the particular facility they are using.
    • Blocking at the net is not permitted.
  4. Remain community focused
    • Stay within the home sport community or club(s) where participants are members
    • No cross-regional, inter-provincial or cross-country travel. International travel is subject to quarantine rules and raises other risks including unpredictable flight schedule changes and cancellations, and the potential for sudden changes to border controls.

Cleaning Protocols

  • All Balls & high touch equipment will be cleaned in between sessions.
  • Hand Sanitizer will be available and all participants are expected to use before and after each session. And during any designated breaks as indicated by the program administrator.

Facility Specific requirements

Some Venues/Facilities may have additional restrictions/requirements/protocols in place. The FVC will adhere to any/all such requirements.


  • All participants must fill out the appropriate waivers and Health Declaration form
  • Daily Health Assessment must be done prior to all sessions.
  • Program administrators will keep accurate attendance list for all sessions in case of need for contact tracing.
  • Program administrators will maintain a contact list of all participants.
  • Program administrators can and will suspend any participant from the session(s) for failure to adhere to the guidelines and protocols. We MUST put the health and safety of everyone as our top priority.