2020 Competitive Player Fees

2020 Fees for Fernie Volleyball Club Competitive Teams

  • 13U: $605 to FVC + $10.25 direct to VA
  • 14U: $673 to FVC + $10.25 direct to VA
  • 15U+: $725 to FVC + $10.25 direct to VA

Volleyball Alberta (VA) and Volleyball Canada (VC) collect fees for competitive players beyond the fees the club charges. FVC is able to collect and pay a portion of these fees on behalf of all players that participate on a competitive team. There is also a portion that has to be paid directly by the athlete/family ahead of tryouts. This fee to be settled ahead of tryouts is considered a Youth Recreational Player fee and totals $10.25 ($5.25 to Volleyball Alberta and $5 to Volleyball Canada). When tryout dates/times are announced in the coming days, more information will be provided about completing this registration as the club requires proof of Recreational Player registration before allowing the athlete to participate in Tryouts.

For athletes that are offered a spot on an FVC competitive team and accept, the club will be upgrading the VA/VC membership for each athlete on a team roster from ‘Recreational’ to ‘Competitive – Indoor’. This upgrade amount is $54.40 for players on a 13U team and $70.15 for players on 14U+ teams and are collected as part of the overall FVC fees collected. (The overall values at the top of the page for different age categories include these amounts)

Fees will fluctuate on a year-to-year basis but for 2020 the FVC base fee (excluding VA/VC portion) has been determined to be $716.60 (subsidized down to $550.60) for players on a 13U team,  $769.85 (subsidized down to  $602.85) for players on a 14U team and  $824.85 (subsidized down to $654.85) for players in the 15U+ team. These fees are lower than in 2019.

The club is excited to have run successful camp and recreational programs and done enough fundraising to be in a position to offer an even larger subsidy this year and to be able to offer fees lower this year compared to last year. This level of base fee and subsidy is not guaranteed to be consistent/available every year but FVC is working hard to try and make the club as accessible as possible by keeping fees as low as possible.

The FVC portion of fees include the tournament fees and coaching costs for ALL Volleyball Alberta Premier tournaments and Provincial championships. In the 13U & 14U age categories fees also include the tournament/coaching costs for the Cranbrook Cup event. If teams decide (as a team) to participate in additional events or Volleyball Canada Nationals the event & coaching costs will be separate and shared across participating players on those teams. (Teams often fundraise as a team to help offset additional costs such as Nationals)

Families should also budget the cost of travel, accommodation and food for Premier and Provincial championship events during the season. Some players/parents stay with friends/family in Calgary & Edmonton and many stay in a team organized hotel. Typically games start quite early on Saturday so travelling later on Friday and staying 2 nights in Calgary/Edmonton is common.

Yearly FVC fees are determined by a rigorous budgeting exercise taking into consideration a number of factors including:
– Anticipated number of teams and anticipated number of players per team
– Number and location of tournaments
– Coaching costs (Travel Expenses and Honorarium)
– Uniform & Equipment requirements
– Facilities requirements
– General overhead for operating the club (Website, Volleyball Alberta Registrations, Accounting/Legal, etc)

If costs are a barrier to participation in the club, we encourage families to pursue support programs such as:
– Emily Brydon Youth Foundation: http://emilybrydonyouthfoundation.com/
– Canadian Tire Jumpstart: http://jumpstart.canadiantire.ca/en.html
– Kidsport Canada: http://www.kidsportcanada.ca/british-columbia/
– Just 4 Kics: http://www.just4kics.ca/
– Athletics 4 Kids: http://www.a4k.ca/

We have had a number of FVC athletes supported via these programs in past years.

Official club tryouts and registrations can only happen during the official Volleyball Alberta tryout period which begins on November 25th. The club is currently working on booking gym time for tryouts. Tentative tryout dates are Sunday, Dec 1st and Sunday Dec 8th. More details will be shared when official tryouts dates/times/locations are established. We anticipate a $10 fee per player for tryouts (would provide access to both sessions) to cover the cost of facilities rentals.

If you haven’t yet completed the Expression of Interest form online, please do so at the following link: https://forms.gle/FedUGd1UHTQix2zw7

As always consider Liking our Facebook page or following us on Instagram to stay current on all FVC news and highlights.

Boys Tournaments – Schedule

We’ve recently had a bit of increased interest from Boys in Grades 7 & 8 interested in competitive club volleyball. We ask ALL interested boys & girls in all age groups to complete our Expression of Interest survey so we can plan accordingly for the season: https://forms.gle/FedUGd1UHTQix2zw7

To help any families to consider the season, here are the tournament dates and locations for planning purposes.

13U Boys – Born Sep 1, 2006 to Dec 31, 2008

  • Premier #1 – Feb 29/Mar 1 – Edmonton Area
  • Premier #2 – March 21/22 – Calgary Area (middle weekend of SD5 Spring Break)
  • Provincials – April 18/19 – Red Deer

14U Boys – Born Sep 1, 2005 to Dec 31, 2006

  • Premier #1 – Feb 1/2 – Calgary Area
  • Premier #2 – Feb 29/Mar 1 – Edmonton Area
  • Premier #3 – Mar 21/22 – Calgary Area (middle weekend of SD5 Spring Break)
  • Provincials – April 18/19 – Red Deer
  • Nationals – May 7-10 – Abbotsford (ONLY IF TEAM CHOOSES TO GO – COSTS NOT COVERED IN FVC FEE)

For more information generally about our competitive club program, visit: https://fernievolleyball.com/programs/

Tryouts will be announced in the coming weeks but they are planned for the initial 2 weeks in December.