2021 Competitive Teams – Fees & Tryouts

Despite how fluid and tricky things are with the quickly changing Covid landscape & guidelines, the FVC is moving forward with plans to form our competitive teams and get our club ‘season’ started.

Obviously things will look quite different as we launch into 2021.  Some overall guiding principals and parameters you can expect:

  • Strict adherence to all regional & provincial Covid guidelines/restrictions.  See the FVC Covid-19 safety plan for more details.
  • A more ‘practice & development’ oriented philosophy compared to traditional years – at least for the start of the season until the Covid landscape allows more. (This likely also means some limitations on what activities are allowed on-court during tryouts/practices to adhere to Volleyball BC & viaSport guidelines for the ‘Phase’ of return to play we are in at the time)
  • The FVC will maintain our traditional approach to forming teams.  This approach will group the most ‘like-skilled’ athletes loosely following the Volleyball Canada age guidelines. We believe this is the most appropriate development model for all athletes. (See section below on Team Selection/Composition)
  • If it allows more players overall to play, the FVC on a case-by-case basis may selectively allow some flexibility in strict age guidelines when forming teams for the 2021 season.  e.g. an 16U athlete who doesn’t have a team may be selected for a 15U team
    • In the case of any such ‘age allowances’, it’s important to note that if the competitive landscape evolves and formal Volleyball BC, Volleyball Alberta or Volleyball Canada competitions become viable, teams may need to be re-formed/adjusted to only allow age-eligible players to participate in those competitions.  (e.g. it’s possible a player becomes a ‘practice-only player’ if larger sanctioned competitions become available and the player isn’t age-eligible at the same age grouping of the majority/remainder of the team)
  • The FVC will actively seek out appropriate competitive opportunities if and as Covid guidelines allow. (Regional league or otherwise)


The FVC board has established fees for the 2021 indoor/competitive season to be $250 per athlete.  This includes:

  • 2 x per week practices from early January to roughly mid-May
  • All facilities rental and equipment
  • Coaching honorariums for head coaches
  • Use of FVC jersey for team scrimmages against other FVC teams

If guidelines allow us to extend our ‘practice-centric’ season to include more competitive play then there will be additional fees required to support those opportunities. (Whether the structure is a regional league or broader competitions)

All players trying out for FVC teams will need to be registered with Volleyball Alberta/Volleyball Canada as Youth Players and will need to provide all signed forms to the FVC prior to attending tryouts.  Any athlete who participated in the FVC Tune-Up program has already been registered and has provided all required paperwork.

TRYOUTS (JAN 3rd & 5th)

  • Per Covid limitations, all tryout participants MUST BE PRE-REGISTERED this season to be allowed access to the facility on the day/time of tryouts. (NO EXCEPTIONS)
  • IMPORTANT – DEADLINE – DEC 18TH, 2020 – To ensure your athlete is fully registered and the FVC expects them for tryouts please reference this website:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gnSJe0kIne2zVJFT0xkaU0BqQ_EnM3a6rQ20tjzLgb8/edit?usp=sharing
    • Navigate the Tabs at the bottom to view different ages/categories
    • If your player is on the list and highlighted in Green they are all set!
    • If your player is on the list but has changed their mind and isn’t planning to attend tryouts, please email club@fernievolleyball.com to have them removed from the list
    • If your player is on the list but not highlighted in Green then be sure to complete the Volleyball Alberta/Canada registration and paperwork (see below) and send proof of both to club@fernievolleyball.com. These steps are necessary to get them ‘Green’.
    • If your player is not on the list but would like to attend tryouts then complete the Expression of Interest form here: https://forms.gle/yNpXshaYibiq5Eep9
      • If they didn’t participate in the Tune-Up Program you also need to complete the Volleyball Alberta/Canada registration & paperwork (see below).
  • A $5 cash fee will be collected at tryouts to support the cost of facilities rentals for the tryouts.
  • Athletes should come prepared in athletic wear (shorts/t-shirt) with appropriate indoor court shoes and knee pads (if used). A water bottle with their name on it is recommended.
  • Masks will be expected to be worn from when they step foot into the facility until they leave the facility at the end of the session (masks mandatory for all on court activities & duration of session).


  • 17U/18U Girls (Grades 11 & 12) – 9:30 – 11:30AM
  • 14U Girls (Grade 8) – 3:45-5:45PM


  • 15U Boys (All boys welcome)** – 2:00 – 4:00PM
  • 15U/16U Girls (Grades 9 & 10) – 4:00 – 6:00PM


  • 13U Girls (Grades 6 & 7) – 4:00 – 6:00PM

** NOTE: BOYS TRYOUTS – It is expected that the largest interest will be from boys at the 15U (Gr 9) age category.  We will allow boys spanning up an age category (16U/Gr 10) and down all age categories (Gr 6-8) to also try out.  Only reasonably similarly skilled players will be selected for this team up to a maximum of 12.  If there are enough younger or less experienced players who aren’t selected for the team, we will consider offering a once per week development program for these boys. (Coaching and gym time dependent)

REQUIRED – VOLLEYBALL ALBERTA / CANADA REGISTRATION (If your player participated in the Tune-Up program than this is not required)

REGISTRATION FORM LINK: https://site2704.goalline.ca/register.php?reg_form_id=36740

There are 2 VERY IMPORTANT To-Do’s here (follow all steps very carefully):

  1. Complete the entire process including eSigning all the required Volleyball Alberta paperwork AND paying the $15.50 fee via Paypal.
    • If your player has participated in a previous FVC program they quite likely have a Goalline access code already. Search your email for ‘Goalline’ to see if a previous registration email includes the access code. If you have trouble finding the code or aren’t sure if you have one, click the ‘What’s my Access Code’ link for help retrieving.
    • If you are prompted for your Region/Association, select ‘Region 1 – Sunny South’. The ‘Team Code’ field can be left blank.
    • In Step 3 (page showing the Registration Overview) be sure to follow the instructions at the bottom and go to this link to eSign the required Volleyball Alberta waivers & forms. https://bit.ly/368lPph
    • Be sure to RETURN TO THE PREVIOUS PAGE to complete the Goalline registration (Step 4) including being redirected to Paypal to pay the $15.50 registration.
  2. Email proof of payment AND copies of signed waivers/forms.
    • You will receive 2 emails after successfully completing the steps above. Forward BOTH emails to club@fernievolleyball.com
    • One email will have the Subject: ‘Document signed: Membership Consent Forms Package’ and includes a PDF attachment. Be sure the PDF attachment is forwarded when you send the email to club@fernievolleyball.com
    • The other email will have the Subject: ‘2021 Youth Player Registration Confirmation – VA’



The FVC coaching staff will select a maximum of 12 athletes to form any of the competitive teams. In gender/age categories where there is strong interest and a larger number of athletes participating in tryouts, it is possible that not all athletes will be offered a position on the team. In situations where 12 or fewer athletes tryout for a team, the coaching staff is not bound to select all athletes if it’s deemed that a significant skill gap (or commitment gap) exists that could be detrimental to overall team development.

In determining team selection, the FVC coaching staff will assess:

  • Core Volleyball skills and abilities
  • Overall athletic ability
  • Effort/focus during tryouts
  • Overall demeanour, perceived coachability and team fit

If the number of athletes trying out in any category is significant (e.g. 22+) and practice facilities and coaching is available the FVC will consider forming two teams (generally organized by ability) in the same category.

Offers to join a team will be sent by email shortly after tryouts. If the offer is accepted additional registration paperwork and season fee payment will be due within a couple of days to secure the spot on the team.


13U GIRLS (2 teams) – Head Coach: Sage Stevenson

  • Sundays 4:00-6:00PM – Community Centre
  • Tuesdays 4:00-6:00PM – Community Centre

14U GIRLS – Head Coach: Catrin Merritt

  • Sundays 2:00-4:00PM – Community Centre
  • Tuesdays 6:00-8:00PM – Community Centre

15U/16U GIRLS (Peak) – Head Coach: Dustin Auger

  • Sundays 2:00-4:00PM – Community Centre
  • Wednesdays 7:00-8:30PM – Max Turyk

15U/16U GIRLS (Griz) – Head Coach: Dennis Staples

  • Sundays 3:45-5:45PM – Max Turyk
  • Thursdays 6:00-8:00PM – Community Centre

15U Boys – Head Coach: Luke Anhorn

  • Sundays 1:45-3:45PM – Max Turyk
  • Tuesdays 6:00-8:00PM – Community Centre

17U/18U GIRLS – Head Coach: Andrea Reed

  • Sundays 9:30-11:30AM – Max Turyk
  • Thursdays 4:00-6:00PM – Community Centre

The FVC will also try (coaching and facilities dependent) and support players who aren’t selected for competitive teams by facilitating a development program to allow keen athletes to continue to evolve their Volleyball skills/experience. We will do whatever we can to keep athletes engaged in the sport throughout the Winter helping to prepare them to compete in the School season or a future club season.

If you have questions about the Tryout process or FVC competitive teams/season, please feel free to email us at club@fernievolleyball.com