2022 Competitive Teams – Fees & Tryouts


2022 Fees for Fernie Volleyball Club Teams

  • 13U Boys (1x/week Development): $210 to FVC + $17.78 direct to VA/VC
  • 13U Girls (Development): $325 to FVC + $17.78 direct to VA/VC
  • 13U Girls (Travel): $625 to FVC + $17.78 direct to VA/VC
  • 14U Girls (Travel): $700 to FVC + $17.78 direct to VA/VC
  • 15U Girls (Travel): $750 to FVC + $17.78 direct to VA/VC
  • 16U Girls (Travel): $770 to FVC + $17.78 direct to VA/VC
  • 18U Women (Travel): $770 to FVC + $17.78 direct to VA/VC

Volleyball Alberta (VA) and Volleyball Canada (VC) collect fees for competitive players beyond the fees the club charges. FVC is able to collect and pay a portion of these fees on behalf of all players that participate on a competitive team. There is also a portion that has to be paid directly by the athlete/family ahead of tryouts. This fee to be settled ahead of tryouts is considered a ‘2022 Youth Recreational Player – Indoor’ fee and totals $17.78 ($10.25 to Volleyball Alberta and $5 to Volleyball Canada + taxes/fees). See below for information about registering for the Youth Recreational Player membership, paying this fee and sending proof of this to the club ahead of tryouts.

For athletes that are offered a spot on an FVC Travel team and accept, the club will be upgrading the VA/VC membership for each athlete on a team roster from ‘Recreational’ to ‘Youth Indoor Competitive Player’. This upgrade amount is another ~$95 and is collected as part of the overall FVC fees collected. (The overall values at the top of the page for different age categories include these amounts)

Fees will fluctuate on a year-to-year basis but for 2022 the budgeted FVC base fees for the Travel teams ranged between $838 and $1058 per player.  The club is excited to have run successful camp and recreational programs and done enough fundraising to be in a position to offer a very large subsidy (more than $200 per player) this year again to significantly lower these base fees to the levels posted at the top. This level of base fee and subsidy is not guaranteed to be consistent/available every year but the FVC works hard to try and make the club as accessible as possible by keeping fees as low as possible.

The FVC portion of fees includes the tournament fees and coaching costs for ALL Volleyball Alberta Premier tournaments and Provincial championships. If teams decide (as a team) to participate in additional events or Volleyball Canada Nationals the event & coaching costs will be separate and shared across participating players on those teams. (Teams often fundraise as a team to help offset additional costs such as Nationals)

For travel teams, families should also budget the cost of travel, accommodation and food for Premier and Provincial championship events during the season. Some players/parents stay with friends/family in Calgary & Edmonton and many stay in a team organized hotel. Typically games start quite early on Saturday so travelling later on Friday and staying 2 nights in Calgary/Edmonton is common.

Yearly FVC fees are determined by a rigorous budgeting exercise taking into consideration a number of factors including:
– Anticipated number of teams and anticipated number of players per team
– Number and location of tournaments
– Coaching costs (Travel Expenses and Honorarium)
– Uniform & Equipment requirements
– Facilities requirements
– General overhead for operating the club (Website, Volleyball Alberta Registrations, Accounting/Legal, etc)

If costs are a barrier to participation in the club, we encourage families to pursue support programs such as:
– Emily Brydon Youth Foundation: https://wp.emilybrydonyouthfoundation.com/
– Canadian Tire Jumpstart: http://jumpstart.canadiantire.ca/en.html
– Kidsport Canada: http://www.kidsportcanada.ca/british-columbia/
– Athletics 4 Kids: http://www.a4k.ca/

We have had a number of FVC athletes supported via these programs in past years.


TRYOUTS (DEC 3rd to 12th)

Athletes are encouraged to attend both sessions offered for their age/gender.

  • Only Players appearing on this list (navigate age categories along the bottom tabs) having completed the requirements below will be allowed entry during Tryouts.  2022 TRYOUT LIST
  • If your player is on this list but isn’t planning to tryout, please email club@fernievolleyball.com to advise us that your player should be removed from the tryout list.
  • Proof of Volleyball Alberta/Canada registration as a Youth Recreational player will need to be emailed to club@fernievolleyball.com NO LATER THAN END OF DAY ON THURSDAY, DEC 2ND. (see below for details).
  • For any players trying out with a birth year in 2009 or older (2008, 2007, etc) their proof of Covid vaccination will need to be emailed to club@fernievolleyball.com NO LATER THAN END OF DAY ON THURSDAY, DEC 2ND. (see below for details)
  • A $5 cash fee will be collected at the door for tryouts to support the cost of facilities rentals for the tryouts. (The $5 covers both tryout sessions)
  • Athletes should come prepared in athletic wear (shorts/t-shirt) with appropriate indoor court shoes and knee pads (if used). A labeled water bottle is strongly recommended.

Boys Teams – Unfortunately the FVC has not seen interest from the required number of boys to form competitive teams at any age group.  (See below for exception for 13U Boys)

13U Boys – No Tryouts – 2009 & 2010 birth year boys on the Expression of Interest will be emailed in December with an offer to participate in a 1x/week development group (no travel & reduced fees per above).

13U Girls (2 Teams)

  • Friday, Dec 3rd – 4-6PM – Fernie Community Centre
  • Saturday, Dec 4th – 6-8PM – Fernie Community Centre (TYPO PREVIOUSLY – NOW UPDATED)

There is quite a large group of athletes expected for the 13U Girls tryouts.  The process starting within 24 hours after the 2nd tryout/evaluation will be the following:

  • The 12 players evaluated to have the most experience/skill will be offered by email to join the 13U ‘Travel’ team.
  • If any players offered a position on this team decline the roster position (e.g. choose to play on the Development team instead), another offer will be extended working down the evaluation list.
  • Once the Travel team has 12 confirmed players, offers will be extended to enough players to form a Development team of 12 players. (Lower fees per above)
  • This process can take 4 or 5 days to complete so players/parents are asked to be patient. Once athletes have accepted offers to fill both teams, any remaining players not selected will be notified by email.
  • Both teams will practice together, have shared coaches and follow similar practice plans & curriculum through the season.

14U Girls (1 Team)

  • Friday, Dec 3rd – 6-8PM – Fernie Community Centre
  • Sunday, Dec 5th – 2-4PM – Fernie Community Centre

15U Girls (1 Team)

  • Sunday, Dec 5th – 6-8PM – Fernie Community Centre
  • Wednesday, Dec 8th – 6:30-8:30PM – Max Turyk

16U Girls (1 Team)

  • Sunday, Dec 5th – 4-6PM – Fernie Community Centre
  • Sunday, Dec 12th – 4-6PM – Fernie Community Centre

18U Women (1 Team)

  • Wednesday, Dec 8th – 4:30-6:30PM – Max Turyk
  • Sunday, Dec 12th – 5-7PM – Max Turyk

For 14U, 15U, 16U and 18U we expect more athletes trying out than we have roster spots. Within 24 hours of the completion of the 2nd tryout, emails will be sent to offer roster positions to a maximum of 12 players. This process can take a few days to complete so players/parents are asked to be patient. Everyone will be sent an email to advise of their status. FVC fees must be paid at the time of accepting the roster offer (there is an option of paying 50% of fees at offer acceptance and balance by end of January).



Here is the Registration Link for the ‘2022 Youth Recreational Player – Indoor’ membership:


For a video on how to register, please follow this link:  https://www.loom.com/share/eaa86b13e1eb440ba7142624de31806b

  • For those who are used to the ‘Goalline’ system, it has been replaced by ‘SportLomo’ this year.  Old Goalline access codes are no longer valid.
  • You can create the SportLomo account under either your player (with their email, etc) directly or the parent.  When you actually complete the ‘Member Details’ (after account creation) you will be filling in the details of your player.
  • If you or your player have a SportLomo account from previously registering for Volleyball BC or Volleyball Canada events, you can use this same account when purchasing the Volleyball Alberta/Canada ‘2022 Youth Recreational Player – Indoor’ membership.
  • The Volleyball Alberta Zone/Region to select during registration is ‘Region 1 – Sunny South’.
  • After successfully registering and paying for the membership you should receive an email that looks like (CLICK FOR EXAMPLE).
  • Please forward this email to club@fernievolleyball.com by the Dec 2nd deadline.


PROOF OF VACCINATION (for 2009 born or older athletes)

Please email club@fernievolleyball.com the BC Vaccine Card image by the Dec 2nd deadline.


The FVC coaching staff will select a maximum of 12 athletes to form any of the competitive teams. In gender/age categories where there is strong interest and a larger number of athletes participating in tryouts, not all athletes will be offered a position on the team. The coaching staff is not bound to select the maximum 12 athletes if it’s deemed that a significant skill gap (or commitment gap) exists that could be detrimental to overall team development.

In determining team selection, the FVC coaching staff will assess:

  • Core Volleyball skills and abilities
  • Overall athletic ability
  • Effort/focus during tryouts
  • Overall demeanour, perceived coachability and team fit

If the number of athletes trying out in any category is significant (e.g. 22+) and practice facilities and coaching is available the FVC will consider forming two teams (generally organized by ability) in the same category.

If you have questions about the Tryout process or FVC competitive teams/season, please feel free to email us at club@fernievolleyball.com

To review practice days/times as well as tournament dates/locations for various groups, please visit: https://fernievolleyball.com/programs/

We can’t wait to get the season started!

If you haven’t yet completed the Expression of Interest form online, please do so ASAP at the following link: https://forms.gle/mWGz1b32ueLRYhJU6

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